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Guides & Tips Wanted!

Maybe you are a veteran, maybe you are new to the game. For a new platform, we all need a better guide for everyone in our server.

Now from Feb 9th to Feb 29th, you are free to post your tips and guides here.

If you are not satisfied with just posting a reply, you can start a new thread and paste the link here to join this event!

Reward you may get:

200 CPs: only 3 best guides & tips will win you these.
100 CPs: for those outstanding guides & tips, 10 winners!
27 CPs: 20 winners.

Winners list will be announced after this month and rewards will be sent to your character within 3 working days.

Do NOT forget to attach your character name!
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Tip:an easy way to earn good equips is to farm mets and 1 best way to farm them is by doing the monster hunting quest everyday 3 times and if you have a trust worthy friend at CO both of you could agree on transfering stuff so you could create another acc or so to farm met and transfer to your main char and whenever you have unique or refined items keep them(preferably unique) because who knows there might be ppl buying them to help socket their fan or tower

What is your character name?
----by Elliot

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myStory of an archer (IPadCo)

Hello all, this is my first post. Hope you like it

Ok so I started off as A monk, named King_Maximus. I made alot of new friends. Some enemies also. I had played 2 weeks with my monk. Then I thought that they are good pvpers, but suck at hunting, so that's when I created my first archer (which is my main now) when I created it , I could never think of a unique name. That's when I chose Vynxin. Most of my friends, and Guildies call me Vyn. I leveled sorta fast since I was plvled to leveled 65. Then my friends were telling me about the "Super pack" so I sent tq an email and I received my code fast.claim it, I got really nice rewards with it. Then I had this bag that gave me exp balls every 10 levels. So I had quite nice rewards.Then every day I would scatter the bandits in Phoenix castle for suplhur.(bomb sells for 50) . I would get around 3 bombs a day.around that i was level 98! that's when I participated in skill pk. Which I came out 5th , I was so happy.Then I used the exp balls that I won to use, and I got level 100! After that my friend (dford) asked me if I wanted to use his tower/fan/plume to level since his were super +5 1 soc. And plume elite +5 1 soc. I level pretty fast . I went straight to frozen grotto 3 with exp pots. I was level 110 in 3 hours! From there I would level once a day. Now I'm level 117. Top archer for the week.!also I'm in the guild Rebirth.

One thing I would say for new players: meet new people,do the events,arena,quest to level and gain cps.

Thank you all for reading this make sure you message me in-game (iPad)

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Thumbs up Conquer Quick Tips

While I am still new to the world of Conquer, I've learned a lot and here I will present a brief list of quick tips for the young ones in the World of Conquer.

1. Quick leveling:
Head to the higher level zones early, while you may die, and often, try and join a team with someone else in the area who is monster killing. Bird Island is a great place to start as the monsters are plentiful and respawn quick. Most older players are willing to help out as this not only help you but gives them Virtue Points, something you will learn about as you progress. This is a great way to gain a lot of experience quick. (Don't forget to pick up any items as it's a great way to make Silver by selling them.)

2. Quick Silver:
Continued from above, collect items and silver/gold not picked up from those monster hunting. Higher quality items; Refined, Unique, Elite, and Super sell for more than Normal items.

3. Quick Cps:
Cps are undoubtably one of the most important things in the game. Other than purchasing Cps directly, some people are willing to pay Cps for certain items. Watch the World Chat for your chance to make a sale.

4. Quick Rare Items:
The rarest of items, Dragon Balls and Super Equipment, always stand a chance of dropping from monster kills. Keep an eye out for drops, when a Dragon Ball drops from a monster kill it will be displayed on the screen, "The Monster Dropped a Dragon Ball!" You will not be informed when Super items are dropped. Also watch for Meteors, with the volume up when one drops a unique jingle is played. Both Meteors and Dragon Balls are used for equipment upgrades and sell well at the Market.

5. Quick Success:
My final quick tip for the youngsters of the Conquer World, Make Friends! Friends, Clan Members, and Guild Members are your greatest Conquer resource. They will be there to support in every way, through leveling and questing, to pking rivals, make friends.

So that's it! In a short time you'll be a great success in the World of Conquer!! For any additional questions feel free to message me in game or the forums any time

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I have a few tips to spruce up the iPad Version!
1. Add more payment features available! I bought TQ Point Cards from Gamestop recently, and is currently waiting in reply on how I can redeem them for the iPad.
2. Have shopping rushes/ more CP and Meteor Showers! The Golden Apple server is highly inflated; meteors cost around 8CPS while some PC servers sell them for about 3. Also, us iPad players don't get the cool exquisite events the PC players get! Kind of a bummer, isn't it? Not to mention that, since it's an Apple app, a lot of people are newly registering for the game every day. Now, don't we need some hook to attach those people to keep playing? CP and Meteor showers would do the trick!
3. Make the game beneficial for the newbie players! It's something like I said above. You ask how? Well, some things would be like, more super equipment giveaways when you promote at level 110? Or maybe, add in more offers in the newbie bonaza?
4. Allow CPs purchasable by TapJoy. Do you know what TapJoy is? Well, it's a kind of "free offer" thingy that allows you to earn CPs without actually paying. Many gaming Apps have allowed it, such as Sollmo with their game Buddy Rush, Fantage, and more. You earn CPs by downloading apps. For example, if you download one app, you get 10 CPS in your account. It's simple and easy! Players like me will definitely support this!

I hope my ideas were good. Thanks, once again, for this event that had let me share my opinions!

Oh yea, before I forget, I'm Litainiary on server GoldenApple. Happy conquering!
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1. Monster Elemination Quests aren't the only way to farm meteors. Meteors can drop from monsters every few hundred kills or so.

2. Meteors can be turned nto Meteor Scrolls in the Market by Millionare Lee. It takes Ten Meteors to make a Meteor Scroll, a.k.a. Met Scroll and it costs nothing. Met scrolls can be sold to other players for at least 90 Cp

3. Diligence, Endurace, and Modesty books offer Study Points which help you lvl up in your Sub Class(Warlock, Wrangler, etc) the most common are Diligence Books which give you 5 study points. Endurance Books give you 20 study points and Modesty Books give a whopping 500 study points.

4. In the Lottery, Life Fruit Baskets, Pentinence Amulets and Disguise Amulets can be given to Collector Wong in exchange for 10 CP

5. Small Lottery Tickets also won in the Lottery can be exchanged with Lady Luck for 3 Small tickets needed for another chance.

6. Emeralds can be found off of Hill Monsters in the Desert. If you don't want to waste time mining for one they can be purchased from other players for at least 5 CP.

7. If you find a rare item and have no real need for it, you can sell it to another player for CP. It is best if you lower the price if it can be bought in the Store however.

8. If you find yourself above 30 PK Points, you can use a Pentinence Amulet to lower your PK Points by 30. This can only be used once an hour though.

Thank you and enjoy

My Character Name is Jashin
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How to survive without buying CPS

Having trouble competing with others because of your lack of cps? Want to be able to afford those precious sockets or blessed items? Have no fear follow the steps below and with a little patience people will think you have spent thousands.

Don't put all your eggs in one basket make multiple accounts and take advantage of the super packs while you can. With these alt characters you can mentor them for blessing time so no more buying praying stones. Also with the awesome super pack you get a fortune pack 20bound cps a day for 30days! Bah bound cps what can I do with that? Well what if I told you that those bound cps are really met tears? Well guess what they are atleast for now buy bound mets with the bound cps do the met tear quest from milly in maple forest( its repeatable) and now you have a unbound met tear yay.

PICK UP EVERYTHING!!!!!!!! You may think that your power leveling is more precious then everything but mets dill books dragonballs etc etc. Trust me you will be surprised what rots in FG3 it bothers me so bad I won't go there anymore. You may not get many supers or elites but they do drop. Not only that but some of the higher lvl gear sells for 30k+ why just let it sit there? Slow down everyone is always rush rush rush. You will be rolling in silvers and decent stuff to sell in no time.

Do not pay for something you can do for yourself laziness is what you are going to use to make money. Moonbox quest is easy and if done properly can make you lots of cps. Second Rebirth quest may seem daunting but I promise you it's not that bad. Took me 2.5 days to complete if there was more people willing to do this quest it could take a lot less time. Since you will end up with extra of certain quest items? If only the quest made exemption tokens and was repeatable.

Well these three steps should put you on a great path toward cp freedom. I have plenty more tips but I do like some solidarity in certain areas of the game. If you have any questions or would like me to post more guides pm me here or whisper me in game.

Your neighborhood grinder,

Vhilelent proud Deputy Steward of Rebirth
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Tips for new players

First thing you should do when you make a character is to do all the quest possible. I did that and got to around level 45-50. After this you just do the 300 quest and grind .Or you could get power leveled, in my opinion I think getting power leveled isn't the best but its your choice.
While doing these things try to find good friends and join a good guild.
If you find yourself low on money just walk around picking up everything.
Thanks for reading everything here is purely my opinion so up to you if you choose to listen

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My trip and comments

Playing CO in IPAD is very different with playing in PC. For most players, it is very hard to play IPAD for more than 2 hours if you are not hardcore players. Choose a right class to play is very important and which may affect you whether you will play this game for long time or will give up after trying. I have played all the classes except fire tao and one of my major chars has been rb/recar 5 times. Here, I will share my comments and thoughts about the CO in IPAD.

- Grind / Level up
Trojan, Warrior and Ninja are very easy classes to start up. Trojan and Warrior have good defense and attack and they do pure melee attack. Both do not need too much understanding of the game and skills to grind when you start the game. With bounded equipment you get from gifts or tasks, both can level up to level 100 very quickly. Warrior may be a little bit faster because of their XP skill "Superman". But after level 100, Warrior is much faster if you find good spots (such as Lab) to grind. Ninja grinds also very fast if you get used to use pots when using XP skill "Fatal Strike". But after level 100, with tower equipped, Ninja can grind grind very easily with a club equipped on the left hand.

Archer: this is a well known char to easily start because of its unique skills "fly and scatter". The important point is to get a good attack ring and a good bow.

Monk is different. If you don't understand this class well, you may feel difficult to start at the beginning. However, once you get familiar with this class, it is very easy to grind as well, especially, if you invest some money to arm your char. With a good horse, monk can find a good spot with crowded mobs to spam "WWK" to get huge exp to level fast. Actually, Trojan can use this technique as well, with a good horse and wearing same weapon, Trojan can spam hercule to get very good exp.

Fire Tao/Water Tao: I didn't start with these two chars, and I don't recommend new players to start with these two chars. You should be very patient if you start with a Tao. My suggestion is "start with others and then rb/incar to these two chars later".

PVP is another important part of the game. I personally only do PVP in events, like GW and CTF. But you can't avoid PVPing when you are grinding. Both equipment and skills are very important when doing PVP. I am personally not a good PVPer, but I have watched some good fights. According to my own experience, network speed is very critical to do PVP. A few skills are relatively easy to use for new players in IPAD. Monk's WWK and Trojan's Hercule are the most suitable skills to do PVP in IPAD. Both of these two skills can do area attack and they are relatively easy to be skilled. However, the top PVPer is not just skill, it needs top gear as well.

- Hunter
Most players do not spend much to play the MMOPG game. Alternatively, they prefer to hunt good items from the game. Theoretically, archer is the best hunter. However, if you don't have time to train another char, or feel difficult to transfer items between two chars. Monk, Trojan, Fire Tao or RB char with a bow (level 70 or below) can also be good hunter. Monk, Trojan and Fire tao can spam area attack skills to kill many mob simultaneously. Reborn War or Ninja with a bow can also kill the low level mobs fast. Meteor, blessed items, elite/super items are always the best hunt items. But some quest items, like orchid, bombs and moonbox can also be good hunt items as well. Some good players can also hunt red/black color players. They may drop or detach their elite/super items to you. Join a big guild and take part in CTF can also help you to hunt CPs and gold.

- Be a professional Luck Drawer
There are a few of players who are professional luck drawers. They train many noobs to level 70 and do massive luck draws, like 50+ times per day. I am not sure whether this is a good strategy to gain cps in game. It could be, or not.... If you have plan to do an investment in this game, this might be a good option for you.

There are many good tips to have more fun in the game. It is just up to you how to play or what you play for.

Lastly, game is the game, it is virtual and not the real life. It may affect your real life, so don't confuse the virtual game and your real life.

I hope this helps some players.
IPAD char: _Wonder_

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Quick and basic leveling guide to 120

Hi my ign is tharoh and im not 120 yet..but i would tell u a fast way to get to 120.
1-15: tutorial quests in twin city and market.

15-70: go to bird island and try to find a friendly archer who will help u to level.

70-85: for job promotion u need a emeral so go to desert city and farm a lot of emeralds. Use 1 for urself and sell the rest and buy a meteor.

85-92: now u can go kill the bird mans.

92-100: now go kill hawkings.

100-110: for ur job promotion use ur met that u saved up and then go kill tomb bats and when it gets easy move onto bloody bats then bull monsters in mystic castle.

110-110: ur job promotion needs a moon box so u can get it from quest or u can buy it from another player. Still train on bull monsters then red devil at 112 then go to frozen grotto at 115.

Hope this helped
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Surviving CO by simplicity

World chat in CO can both benefit you, as well as harm you beyond belief.

I think we all know how communicating in world chat can benefit. Buying goods as well as selling items.

However, world chat can also destroy your character, if others cannot easily communicate with you. I understand there are players from all around the world playing this game, but the majority are english speaking. If your character name contains characters from the chinese alphabet odds are most players will not be able to communicate with you because of it. I am not implying that english should be the only language used, but for your benefit your character, your name should be something easily typed or understood by english alphabet using players. If someone cannot spell your name, they simply will goto the next person to sell/buy their item. The same goes for in game names that contain special characters/symbols, as well as capitalization and numbers in your name. The best type of ign would be something short and simple, devoid of capitalization or special characters. This allows other players to contact you with ease. After all, typing on an iPad is already not the easiest thing, especially when you are in an area where PK is a threat.

By the way does anyone really know how to spell hohokokokkome? lol lets be glad the name doesnt use characters too...haha

Rebirth Agent
Reborn clan leader
level 115ish warrior

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Here comes winners.

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Do we need to claim our prizes somehow? Or will they be automatically sent to us. Thanks Elliot!
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