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Community Designer Mailbox updates for Runes

This post is a community idea pool for fixing these runes. I will take any suggestions and awesome you ideas have and add it to this main post. This is to address Runes as I think relics are a fine addition how they are, it gives people something to hunt for instead of afking all day. Also gives the market economy something besides mets and souls. I will be submitting this post to after I get some feedback from all of you. I will also have my friends Vip 6/7 message gms to send this post in, I suggest you do as well one or the other so we can get a bit better skills / balance in the game. So without further adieu here we go.

Archer runes -

Frost Arrows - Awesome, leave how it is.

Infinity - This one is debated. Some think it is too strong, others think it is balanced. If you do tweak it don't do too much. The best compromise is to either - A: Disable skill use while using the rune, or B: Remove the damage buff while using the rune. Either way please REMOVE OFFLINE TG IN GW AREA. This has been a long issue for awhile and only exasperated by this new rune. There is no teleporting in poker so why not disable offline in Gw area? Pretty common sense. You could also make it to where if you use Offline TG regardless of the map when you log back in you will be in TC. This would also fix the issue.

Pirate -

Tide Trap - Make this to where you dash again, as it is now it ruins the skill for pvp the Tempest+Mele combo is gone by using this. So please remove the pseudo FB skill and return it to a dash. Also make it to where the area you dash through the Whole dash and landing area creates the "tide trap". This is regardless of whether you hit anyone or not.

Slayer - Awesome, leave how it is.

Fire Taoist -

Burning Sky - Awesome, leave how it is.

Fire Curse - Add Tornado to the list, as this is one of the skills that activates
Breaking Touch. Also, Heavens blade/Fire met would be a nice addition for this. These skills won't get the max damage because they can't hit more than one opponent, but it should give the extra base damage added each hit. Fire Circle you could also add and have its damage similar to that of Fire Of Hell.

Dragon Warrior -

Swinging Tail - Awesome, leave how it is.

Counter Punch - Change this to go off regardless of if you have dragonswing activated or not. Also increase pace from 1 to 2 to deal w/ 2handed melee counters. Leave everything else how is. Also, regardless of pk mode if someone hits you just because you're in peace doesn't mean the skill shouldn't go off.

Ninja -

Assassin - Let skills also deal this damage, not just melee. It gives a sort of risk when playing against ninjas keeps you on your toes not to sit around them, or at least be careful when doing so.

Absolution - Awesome, leave how it is.

Water Taoist -

Sacrifice - Awesome, leave how it is.

Fine Rain - Awesome, leave how it is.

Windwalker -

Revenge Gale - Increase time from 5 to 10 seconds like how the skill normally works, at 5 seconds it is a nerf.

Wild Wind - Awesome, leave how it is.


Acalanatha - Awesome, leave how it is.

Iron Shield - Awesome, leave how it is

Trojan -

Comprehension - Change this to where if you activate a skill mortal strike still has a chance to activate. Just like how it is if you were to wear a sword/dagger both skills have a chance to proc. Give Mortal Strike Priority activation.

Rampage - Change "SP is lower than 10" to lower than 20.

Warrior -

Pitching - Remove BP gap, all bp gap skills are just dumb. Add in a level gap instead.

All-Round - Awesome, leave how it is.

Yellow runes -

No Mercy - Change this to lower than 23000, that way its not an obvious hand out to wind walkers 22k revenge gale.

Tortoise Breaker - Fix this and post updates and show how the skill works, give a good example. Make it different for magic damage, lower damage needed to be hit for Mattack so that way it is useful for fires.
If you like to read, check out the book I wrote and pick it up. It's only $3.99 or similar at most shops. That's less than 320 cps! Thanks guys!

The Wikia. I did mindless hours of work on this, but it will no longer be updated. If anyone takes over most pages are unlocked and can be updated. For those that aren't if you see anything that needs updated send me a message and I'll do so at my convenience. Thank you! Conquer Online Wikia

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