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Originally Posted by Returning View Post
If I may chime in for just a minute, there is little you can do to "work on your character" at least to the value of making an impact that will benefit you in the next decade. When co first came out there was no shopping mall, thus players had a stead market being able to buy +'s from people who would take time out of their day and hunt. Now it's all bulk this bulk that bulk here bulk there. Even the quests now are just bulk to get something rare, "look at ms co, saint event etc" All your quests are either bulk to get the item or have a VERY LOW chance of getting it any other way.

The Summary: You need to put in quests, and things where people can once again work to gather, like players use to moonbox farm for people who would farm reborns back when it was legal, and still is totally legal, yet you guys randomly said NAH ITS ILLEGAL NOW even though people have been doing this since the game first came out with water factories. You need to put things in the game for people to only be able to work towards and not buy. If you want to add cool cosmetics to just purchase that's cool a lot of games do that.

You could put in events for cups of people that will NEVER be able to get the gold cup, or even silver/bronze. Have a quest where you can work your ass off to get it not just some pk tournament which is again 99.9% of time won by bulkers to get another rare cup.

You need to add in PVE aspects of the game, something like a dungeon, if you mess something up everyone dies and you have to reset the instance and not be able to revive there, much like all other mmos. Have the payoff worth it though.

Again, suggestions quest only garms that are not bound so people can work for and sell to others, however don't make it gear based if you want to do this make skill PK stats for these quests. Don't put bulkers ahead of everyone else, if they want to they can buy the items from other people that work for them.

This would make the game alive again and give people to do, as is now people do their dailies, weeklys then afk or in some instances arena for a few mins. Give people quests to work towards, not bulk towards, and you will see your playerbase become active again. Just make them hard, not bulker only or gtfo impossible.

Thanks for reading, you can hire me anytime np. GL

This is my opinion.

CO was way more fun in past. There was Blue Mouse quest, a good map for hunting (mini macaques). Then they've removed them. Why?

We need more quests, more things to do. Would be nice an arena where only fb/ss is allowed or even a fb/ss tournament where BP doesn't matter, but the skill does. For example, everyone would have 10hp and lose 1hp per hit...

We don't need 100 classes. And if you do new classes, then make them unique for the god sake. Trojan, Ninja, Tao, Archer, Pirate, Monk and Dragon Warrior are unique.
Now Warrior got swipe skill like DW, just that it has another look... Windwalker Stomper has a swipe too, while Chaser one has Mortal Wound and Blistering Wave...

They're introducing new classes and new things to improve stats (chi, Jiang hu, perfection system), new things to bulk for... while they're not even fixing bugs which has been there since ages. Who knows what talisman they'll introduce next time lol.

They even said that farming botters are not allowed and then they've implemented their own "bot" (auto hunting) which you're supposed to pay for in order to use it's full features.

All the changes they're making are for bulking purpose.

Cons of CO:
  • Egys: CO is full of egys. Yes, not all egys are same, but 99% of them are. They don't even know what ALLY guild means, they are scammers, they are cheating, they are spamming trade and wisper, they are ****ing ANNOYING. I'm tired of them.
  • Cheaters: Most of them are egys ofc. I've met so many ninjas which are cheating and there are so many YouTube videos, but TQ doesn't care. Their updated anti bot system means nothing.
  • P2W: I admit, there has been changes for bound gear (e.g. champs arena, which is even limited), however, all the changes they're making are for bulking purpose, from events to even quests.

Is it ever gonna change? I say no. It's hopeless.

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