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Gear ownership and lending through Perfection

Don't know if this has been suggested before, don't know if it is what's intended by TQ. Here it is regardless:

Perfection is an interesting system if not once again repetitive, empowering to the strong while leaving the weak further behind, and as usual CP depleting. The one redeeming quality of perfection was the idea of claiming ownership over your gear. The idea seemed to me to finally be a way to easily and doubtlessly track who gear belongs to and thusly cut back on gear being stolen by those you lend them to. This game being 10 years strong, such a system could not have come any later.

But if the concept of tracking your gear that you have lent (and eventually having a way to reclaim it) was the idea, this aspect of perfection is already broken:

Whenever another player is wearing your perfected equipment, that player can simply change the ownership of that equipment when wearing it at a low CP cost. (This needs to change regardless as to whether anyone agrees with my suggestion.)

It is my belief that the player who owns a piece of perfected equipment should have to "unclaim" the equipment at no price before any other player can claim it for x number of CPs. When this happens, the equipment itself would keep the current perfection levels but the perfection levels would remain unusable until the equipment is claimed by a player once more. For example, after a 4 star item is "unclaimed" and has no owner, it keeps its 4 stars but that item when worn does not add to a player's perfection level until it has a new owner. Gears put in a market stall would automatically be reclaimed in ownership by the buying player at no extra cost. Likewise, gears lost in PK exploits of red/black-named players would also be reclaimed in ownership by the player who killed them whenever that equipment was not retrieved from the NPC.

In being able to lend your gear through perfection, there should be a way to call it back to your inventory from any player at any time the owner sees fit. There would have to be a menu or NPC that shows all gear owned by you that is in another player's inventory. This menu or NPC would have the option to take gear back from the lendee and give it back to the lender. The lendee would receive the message and have a countdown until the gear disappears from their inventory and appears either in the owner's inventory, or to be claimed at a gear-lending NPC.

Characters holding lent gears can not be deleted or change servers without returning gears to their owners. Lended gears would automatically be returned before server splits and merges.

This system would allow players who are finding less time or amusement with playing this game to not only lend gears to friends but also maintain ownership of their gears without worrying about being scammed before they return, so long that they don't share the account of ownership with those to whom they have lent gear.
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