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Hey guys was wondering if anyone could help.

A friend of mine is returning to the game (crazy I know) and the first character he ever played was an archer. I have no idea what they are currently like in game.

He's interested in pvp and will be using knives.
So my questions are:

Are they any good for CTF? Guild War? team events? Singles events?

He will have around 400bp with perfection around 200-300.
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Archers are a must in CTF and guild war. Totally necessary and they receive their CTF share from the guild leader himself ( since you will stay in the base all the time hitting the pole ).
With archer's blue rune infinity you will hit twice the damage in PVE and PVP. In 1 vs 1 situations you may be able to kill anyone ( except anti breaks ) , but they can get out of your screen and wait till your infinity mode is over. Remember to never use infinity against a strong fire tao or he will definitely demolish you.
In team situation , Archers are good stunners , and you may be able to kill especially with infinity. Using infinity in team fights is actually good since it will scatter away the enemies so they can avoid your attacks.

I would recommend that your friend to go full crit and immunity/antibreak build since his BP will be high. He should have over 200+ crit so he will definitely crit most of players. He can also try + final p atk build . it's good at PVP and higher chance to win against your opponents by points , but then he will lose the crit which is necessary for optimal PVE damage.

Recommended yellow runes : No mercy , Boss Killer , XP killer. no mercy and boss killer are necessary. u can switch between XP killer and other runes.

Also having a bow in alt gears is really useful .He can fly and hit his opponent till he outpoints or kill him. It's good against windwalkers ( be careful of revenge tails tho ) , dragon warriors ( they have a lot of dodge against archer attacks but they will keep running away) , warrior ( be careful of backfire ) , and trojans ( poor trojans won't be able to do anything ).

Hope it helps.
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