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Nice one ~BlacK~WolF~

A cautionary tale...

As some of you may know Dan (~BlacK~WolF~) gave me a naked ~BurningFlames~ when my Fire (Cato) was banned for having a modded client. Full info, 'do what you want with it, I'm making a Ninja', etc.

At the same time I lent him my blessed 2 soc neck and vest to help him on ~BlacK~WolF~ and lent him 40DBs to perm his Kats, 18 of which I got back.

I decided to make Suijin, as i renamed ~BurningFlames~, a support Water so the long task of 110x3 on a water began at about the same time ~BlacK~WolF~ went Monk. Noticed he was selling my vest I asked for it back only to be told it was sold and he had bought a 2 soc Monk armour.

I became nervous when he was trying to persuade me that a bag was better than my neck and was selling Ninja gears without any thought to paying me back so I asked for my **** back but offering him DBs for helping me out.

Finally I reincarnated for the third time to be a pure water only to be in the market the next morning, Boxing Day, when a system message came up saying account banned.

Damn, wall of text, bottom line is he filed a hack case, and is currently in the process of scamming my Tao 2 socs plus a ****load of other gears, cps, etc

Be careful peeps and have a Happy New Year, whatever your God.

Faith - Honor - Ryee - Mayfaire - Fury/Ryee - Royalty - iPad
Cato - nub pure water
Astraia - nub water-warr-fire
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