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List of rewards currently for Season 2 - Worth or not you decide. Math Breakdown inside.

  • + Stone: 1+x 6, +3 stone? I'm guessing that last item is a +3 could be wrong but seems likely. Total points: 180
  • Star Stone: Twilight x6, Bright stone x1. Total points: 160
  • Chi: 100 x 6. Total Points: 600
  • Exp: 60 minutes x 6. Total Points: 360.

    More than likely you will probably only be able to get study points. I doubt it'll be chi but if it is chi will be like maybe 800ish with the other chi bags.
  • Favored Training Pill x6.

Seasonal Hero Rewards (Primary Privileged Reward Level)

Cost: 648 cp.
  • + Stone: +2(s)? x 3, +3(M)? x 2, +5 x1. Total Points: 1560
  • Star Stone: Bright Star x6, Radiant x1. Total Points 1600
  • Chi: 500 x6. Total Points: 3000
  • Rune Essence (Yellow) 20 x 6. Total Points: 1200.
  • Potency Points: 500 x 6. Total Points: 3000.
  • Other: 30 day garment 3 star

Super Hero Rewards I (Standard Privileged Reward Level)

Cost: 2099 cp
  • + Stone: +6 x1. Total Points: 3240.
  • Star Stone: valuable star pack (3 bright stones) x 5, Bright Star Pack (5 Bright Stones) x1. Total Points: 2000.

    Here I just was guessing, seems like a pretty decent guess going by the previous levels
  • Chi Points: 1000 x 6. Total Points: 6000.
  • Rune Essence (Universal): 20 x 4, 50 x 2. Total Points: 1800.
  • Potency Points: 1000 x 6. Total Points: 6000.
  • Beast Fruit: Ginseng x 50. Total Points: 5000.
  • Others: Permanent Garment 3 star.

Super Hero Rewards II (Senior Privileged Reward Level)

Cost: 7999 cp or get 75,000 points to upgrade. (WHICH GOOD ****ING LUCK.) The person on my server with the paid level silver privileges with the most points has nearly 2050 points (which 1.5k is from upgrading to that). Take 2050 - 1500 that gives you 550 times 20, yes x 20 because the event is only lasting 20 days this time. That gives you 11,000 points. Add in every event each week that gets you basically 1000 more. That's 12,000 points. You're going to have to spend a lotttttttttttt of cp on anima via the shopping mall if you want to collect that last 33k. And even more if you want that final prize(which they still haven't sent out from the last rewards of getting 75,000 points.

Anyway, I digress. Here are the rewards.
  • +Stone: 0.
  • Star Stone: Radiant Star x 2. Splendid Star Stone x1. Total Points: 12,000
  • Chi Points: 0.
  • Rare Random Yellow Rune Fragment: 20. Total Points: Get you 1 random rare yellow rune.
  • Potency Points: 0.
  • Beast Fruit: Dragon Fruit x 110. Total Points: 33,000
  • Others: 30 Days Violet Wings, 30 Day 5 Star Garm, 30day x2 Weapon Accessory. Permanent 3 Star Mount.

So is it worth it?

The Bronze level: Definitely not you can basically buy that amount of progress points for 650 cp.

Silver Level: Nope. Without the possibility of being able to upgrade to the Gold Prize, and the rewards they are now. Hell no. 1 "Free" +3 stone a day isn't going to cut it either.

Gold Level: Lol you wish. Bunch of **** garms 3 star, or temporary. 1 Random rare yellow rune. Is a nah bro. As for the 12k towards perfection, you can get 3-6 for the price (depending what you need) of +8's for the cost of the 7k cp. The dragon fruits are ok, but that's just a few days of hunting nothing to sweat over.

Overall, nope don't do it. Waste of money. If you want to go for rank you better get rank 1 or enjoy a temporary mount again.

Hope this helps you on your decision, I'll update this if they update the tasks/ lower the prices of things but even if they do, I don't think the upgrade is worth it this time. Things would have to change a lot.
If you like to read, check out the book I wrote and pick it up. It's only $3.99 or similar at most shops. That's less than 320 cps! Thanks guys!

The Wikia. I did mindless hours of work on this, but it will no longer be updated. If anyone takes over most pages are unlocked and can be updated. For those that aren't if you see anything that needs updated send me a message and I'll do so at my convenience. Thank you! Conquer Online Wikia

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