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Thumbs down -- | old school players read this | --

I want to write something for the Old Timers coming back to CO. I write this because it would of been good to know for me. And I write this here because I checked the forums first before I went through my ordeal(s) with netdragon. I write it even though the forum is clearly dead....

My Issue was I wanted to recover an account thats 10+ years old. (and now I want to recover an even older account...)

First thing I will say is if you forgot your info like I did (account was 14 years old) it will take them (net dragon) a while for them to figure it out. I would re-answer questions they asked in previous emails MULTIPLE times.... annoying....

Long story short...
My old account was started around 2006 I think. I put in a help thing. I started to try and recover my account on Sept 2020 and did not get into that account until Feb 2021. It took 6 months in emails back and forth... Im serious on this, I can post the email if one wants...

They (net dragon) are kind of stupid though (no offense to them - as this is my opinion)... For example I was asked what IP address I used then.... Um... the account was last used over 10 years ago... So... uh... common sense I would not have that same IP.....

They also don't seem to understand that having an account that old, things change. I bet most people would NOT have access to their email, phone, or whatever that was from 10+ years ago... Which is fine... but they ask (even if I said i don't have access to the old emails) they ask if i could email them from an old email to the new one I used to submit the ticket....Uh... I said I didnt have access to the original emails... But yet they asked another dumb question which just shows me that they clearly do not read through all the email. But yet they ask you to include the old emails...

Whats the point in including all your emails if on their end they dont read it??

=== Moving on ===

Now I am trying to recover an OLDER account and I am dreading to go through this process... Im likely going to just quit again... not worth the hassle....

Oh and guess what? Both those accounts are VIP6+ (look at their VIP page... a VIP6 is Greater than $3,000 USD spent on the game). They could care less though it seems... I only tried coming back because the amount of money I put into it....

So if your going to try and resurrect an old account expect a hassle...

Stuff You Should Know Before Trying To Get Your Old account Back=
  • Do not try and call them... The phone number they list cannot do anything for account related issues. So your stuck with the email crap..
  • Forums are dead
  • VIP Forums dead
  • If you had an account that had a character on it that character -> It has to of been 1) reborn 2) You bought CPs on that account. If you didnt, then your account character is LONG gone. So if you had mules lets say... there gone then...

If you decide to come back, you should know this link:

They don't make that easy to find either....

Good Luck Everyone!
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Daaamn, wish I knew about this page you mentioned, before I logged in after a few years of absence
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@Timbuktu, I would rather not find myself anywhere near bedroom with this guy
Good, cos he`s a 1.20cm dwarf who can do 83 pushups, so u never know what could happen.
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