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Originally Posted by StillHeart View Post
a. What....are you saying? I think it as been established that defense doesn't do much in the game, it is all about torts and blessing. So that magic shield removal...doesn't do ****. The melee water secondly has to hit the character...with reduced damage. It isn't a double sided's literally the water melee losing damage output. Ya they can use your debuff skill to reduce "magic shield 30% defense" but in all honesty..magic shield does jack ****...just like the new warrior defense stance does near jack ****. So the end result? Water melee having less damage. Fair? No.
M-Def spell does not ****... defense does not ****... LOL
I would have know that it make a differences or not, I used that spell often and I can get a 6k gun shot down to 5k lol, a TB that hit me for 27k down to 25k is nice for me, it a differences between being one shot and not.
Maybe to you it matter not, a simple few k reduction is grand to me.
Defense does not ****, you are plain ignorant saying it does nothing. Currently the Defensive skill for Warrior is bugged.

b. =.= you said don't designate other classes. How do you expect to have a conversation if your "restrictions" are basically don't talk about other classes? A little common sense.
I am just saying no hatred, your example only include Water Tao lol, where is the effect in other class ? Does other class with Water Rb path simply does not exist ?

c. That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. So water melee stig doesn't come with 30% buff..they need to use it. Hell characters don't naturally come with spgs and sdgs. Your overall attack is reduced. You are not making any sense. It is unfair...period. It would make water taoists even harder to cannot argue that by saying "it's okay they are just going back to original damage". lmao.
May I ask ? Once you socketed a gem, does it expire with duration ? Do you need to re-socket the gem ? You are the one being unfair lol, by making an impossible comparison. Does a socketed gem expire and need to be replaced constantly ? Does a spell last forever once you applied it ?You need to learn more mechanics of the game. If you cannot even differentiate between a socketed gem and a buff spell

d. It doesn't matter how it is in other games. This is conquer. When I refer to debuffing...I meant debuffing negative spells cast on team-mates. That's debuffing. Debuffing a buff is just plain dumb lol. Basically what I'm saying skills for water taoists should not be self-promoting but rather assistant to the team. This skill would help in team more minimal than it would help Water taoists for themselves.
Debuffing come in many form, this skill isn't exclusive to self- promoting lol. It is meant to be used in clash, it just that, you guys have tiny mind and think that it is a self-promoting skill lol. You guys only know how to look at one direction, and not multiple. I cannot bother to make more example for you. If the mass can only see one direction, no matter how many I make, it will simply be that one direction.

e. Again you can't say it doesn't reduce damage when it does llol. Maybe trojans should get a buff, reduce all spg effects...since y'know taoists didn't come originally with spgs.
Again, learnt the different between gem and spell. Making an impossible comparison doesn't make a valid arguement. If you are still taking gem vs spell, find me a gem that expire once socketed, then maybe you can argue with that.

f. How would you know if I am hateful of higher bps? In fact...I don't care about higher bps killing me. lol. If I kill them...then most presumably they suck. I kill lower and equal bp at a 100% ratio. If your assumption is that I hate water I want to screw over higher bp is the dumbest thing I have heard. Say my suggestion is to reduce magic damage by 30%...would my magic damage not equally and proportionally decrease? Say I add magic bp...would I not hit less on higher bps? lol.
I didn't say you are hating on higher Bp, I am using it as an example.

Just so you know....and it is clear you haven't played water taoist all that long. Invisibility used to remove the effects of stig/accuracy....but if the person cast over it again it would disappear. Maybe instead of making op suggestions...just suggest to bring that back.
Just so you know, I tested invisibility all the time, it make no jack ****. Maybe if you bother to fixed TQ mistake the game would have been better, instead of nerfing on thing, you focus on repairing TQ mistake.
I did say one of the reason why this spell is included is to removed the myth about invisibility. The lack of detail is already sign of incompetentness, yet the player just smile and take all of the mistake of TQ like it was nothing.

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