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Thumbs up Newbie 101: All new players please read before posting!

Welcome to Conquer! Please take a look through this guide as it will answer a lot of your questions about the game. Though this guide will not fully answer all your questions, feel welcome to ask any questions you may have in a topic that is not discussed here either in a separate thread, or in this thread. It will take roughly 10 minutes to read through the guide if you decide not to look through the links provided (which are highlighted in color for your convenience!).


This thread will contain very useful links and general hints / tips for a new player to this game. I'll start with a link to the official website to Conquer:

Please familarize yourself with the game first starting with first the player classes.

Once you've decided on which class to play, now it's time to choose which server to play on. There are many servers to play and there are lots of reasons to choose a big server vs a small server. The link below will take you through a basic pro's and cons of server sizes

Server Size Pro's and Cons

Now that you've decide where to play, it's time to do it!
You'll spend some time in Twin City now, so it's a good idea to see what's around in the neighborhood...

Note the importance of knowing where the pharmacist, armorer, blacksmith, and warehouseman are as you will need to know in the future. Also, locate the job center as it will be vital for your class promotions! Finally, you'll want to know the guild conductress and the conductress and their functions.

Suit up! Use the blacksmith and the armorer in Twin City to equip your character with some basic weapons and armor. You'll find some different quality items from monster drops. You can look at all the weapon/armor/accessory stats here!

As you walk (or jump) around town, you can hold the "shift" button down to see all the names of the players that are around you. You may also notice that each person has a Guild Name over their names. You can learn more about guilds!

Player names can also be different colors depending on their pk mode. Be careful around those who are in PK mode! You can lose valuable experience as well as items in your inventory if you're killed by another player.

You'll spend an hour or so running around just outside of Twin City killing phesants and turtle doves. I've provided a map (from the official website) of Twin City. Use this to get around. There are many other maps to navigate to, but you'll want to concentrate primarily on this one map to get started.

If you're curious, you can always look up the vital information of the monsters you kill.

Most monsters will drop something after they are killed. My suggestion is to hold on to any item you think may be of value. Once you get more familiar with the game, you can then decide what to do with it. Some items may have requirements, others do not.. and some have special purpose in the game... all of this you'll need to determine... so put it in your warehouse if you're not sure!

WARNING: Do NOT use items while in a jump. Do NOT drop items while jumping! These two actions may cause your character to be innocently jailed for cheating. It is one of TQ's auto-detection systems for botting and scripting (cheat programs).

If you're bored or just want to take a break from kililng phesants, you can always try a quest to relieve you of your boredom.
Here is a list of all the normal event quests. From here, decide whether or not it is practical or feasible to take on these quests:

While this is a lot of information, finding friends and forming teams are a great way to enhance the game environment. Communication among players can often be daunting and if you're not familiar with "IM speak," you can look up the most common acronyms and abbreviations here in this link:

Once you have made your way through all the monsters in the Twin City map, you can then move on to new maps... new monsters.. new quests! Dont know where to go? Help is available! There's a scroll with a question mark flashing. You'll notice it's next to the blue "shopping mall" orb located on the bottom left hand corner of your screen. If you click on it, a window will pop up telling your some information on monsters, quests of your level. Just reference one of my links above to find maps, monsters, locations of the most common ones.
~--- Kylin -> Temple Artemis ---~

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