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Redo on Water Tao Skills

I understand, that water tao are completely have to be reliable upon Archers or another class. =/ Which defeats the purpose of soloing. Usually Healing Classes can be a on-reliable class, but at the same time, they can be good at soloing.

Skills so far


3.Cure Rain - healing spell on others or self? last level is fixed which only heals 100 more hp than Cure. or Group Heal

4.Star of Accuracy - Acc Buff - not needed.

5.Magic Shield - Def Buff - good but needs to be improved. -for some reason, i can't train this in the training grounds.

6.Stigma - Att Buff - good but needs to be improved.

7.Invisibility - I honestly don't know how it'll contribute to being a healer much, but i guess it's helpful for emergencies when there's pkers looking for you or too many mobs around.

8.Pray - Reviving

9.Advanced Cure - Another high level healing spell, for yourself

10.Nectar - Another high level healing spell, for yourself or others or together?

Changes requested:

1.Since there's Thunder, why not add Ice? like an icicle missle dropping from the sky? It'd be nice to have a stronger offensive single skill for Water Taoist since they are "water" taoist.

As for cure and cure rain, - you should change those to Cure and High Cure, make it that the skill can single heal yourself and others.

Buffs that should be needed, Accuracy is not needed,
Attack, Defense, M-Att and M-Def are needed as buffs.

So buffs in order,
- Also why just only put seconds of the buff, can't you add like 10 mins as max level or 30 mins? It'd make healer classes so much more fun.

Revive - can stay same.

Advanced Cure and Nectar can be changed in effects to group healing, Group Heal, then High Group heal.

Or you could do a vice-versa with Cure and Group heal, then later on, High Cure, High Group Heal. Makes things so much better. >_<

Please please please - think about it and suggest it to the programmers.
If no - state why not, i'll read it and reconsider ya know.
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