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Whats illegal? whats not?

Yo GM,

Is it still legal to sell cps or accounts for $ when you guys don't know about it? I know people selling not just items but their accounts as well. Some even dedicated their life to make a living out of CO. There's an egy in my server who quitted his job and dedicated his time to hog a server and sell cps for $. is that legal?

Not only that but you guys allow GM to witness the transaction of selling accounts on Facebook? is this illegal? |Notorious| in Sirius_EU was selling his account (no gear) on facebook about 3000+ USD. Is this legal?

The guy who dedicated his life to make a living out of CO by selling cps in my server is this egyptian named Null. He purchased the character name {S}pecial in fastblade (34bil king) serveral months ago and also |Notorious|
(66bil king) in server Sirius_EU. is this legal? They even do the transaction on facebook with the present of GM Carina. Is this legal?

You guys better IP trace the suspected ones who keeps selling cps or accounts to maximize your profit. Just keep in mind the VIP7 might not really be the one who credited for the vip7. they are just some rascal who purchased the account and use the vip7 for their privilege that they don't deserve.

P.S. the one selling cps in my server fastblade is null, his seller is NoCom and his char is {S}pecial. He will be selling cps for couple more years. Feel free to message him to buy cps.

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