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Originally Posted by yellowbutterfly View Post
too bad my earlier thread was closed, Tnaks for the replies but ,I still have some questions.

Does conquer.exe really has this malware? or is this programming error?

Thanks for the solution...err..workaround suggested how to configure AVG not to quarantine conqer.exe. but what if i'm not using AVG?

and finally, why is this "virus" or "malware" seems to be accepted as contained in exe file? can't they just remove it?........hhhmmm...(or maybe it has its own purpose for being there)

Thanks CO pipz
Unfortunately some spammers have exploited the forums here.
They join, post a profile which advertises porn stuff. If you click on their profile, the exe file downloads on your computer. Oh, oh. You shouldn't have tried to click on that the exe file is on your computer and you are infected.

If an exe file starts to download on your computer, you can force quit your browser and that stops the download.

But, once it's on your computer, you need to get rid of it.

It's best to have good antivirus software. The free stuff is good, but doesn't quite do the job. Hey, you get what you pay for.

Be careful...the spammers are exploiting forums all over the net.

Not just here.

The best thing to do also is never click on a link you don't know where it will take you. And let this be lesson for those who like to click to where they think they will get to see alot of sex stuff...they are using that to lure you and then hit you with a virus or trojan.

Good luck.
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