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I played CO for 3 years until the 2.0 cash shops came out. I just came back today and was hoping for some quality play time and maybe to make a new freind or 2. Well that didnt work out too well. What I did get was a reminder why I quit this for world of warcraft. Some high lvl trojan that bought a bunch of good gear from the cash shops one hits me in red devils. I really do miss the days of 1.0 when this was a really good game. Well anyway whoever you were that pked me in red devils I just wanted to say thanks for reminding me why I quit. I didnt waste days or weeks playing a game where you buy an advantage rather than learn how to play and use skill. Im going back to WoW maybe I will try back again in a few years.

To all who like the game the way it is have fun.
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