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After reading this thread... I finally understand that this game is the epitome of ****. I came back about a week ago because I was bored after about a 2 year break and find this game with so much overwhelming and stupid new **** it wasn't even funny... and no one even spoke casually it was all about sitting down with obnoxious glittery graphics and advertising what was for sale... and I stupidly thought that I was just missing something but after coming onto this forum I completely understand. These stupid chlnks have totally changed this game into what they think (with their greedy money-wanting slanty-eyed chlnky money-making schemes) think is, with a total sense of english words that they don't understand, "epic!" and "Awesome Classes for Choice!" (What the HELL is that?) and "Pure of heart" (what Asian MMO DOESN'T use that phrase?) and totally "the next big thing!" But what this game has really turned into is just another stupid asian MMO (I shouldn't even call it an MMO, considering no one plays except botters) with the usual engrish, repetitive gameplay, and the money you must fork over in order to "enjoy" the game like you should be able to for free. I played this game 5 years ago and loved it, and now TQ is rearing their ugly head (that I fortunately haven't been fully exposed to and never will be now that I know to quit) and saying, "GIVE MONEY NOW! EPIC! SUMMON VETERAN! PUT MONEY IN HAND! DO YOU LIKE CRYTAL GEL?" this game is such total fail now I laugh at how it is still alive. I can guarantee this game's downfall is looming over TQ's slanty eyes, obviously they aren't "Pure of heart" enough to run a decent game. These stupid chlnkss need to learn to just do their own **** in their own language and in their own country, because obviously they think we're stupider than they are when they can't even speak decent english and try to charge us for **** like dragonballs and CPs that don't even have a good chance of giving us benefits in the game, and then they say with their crooked teeth and slits for eyes and cheeky voices, "BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME! (BUY MORE CP AND GOOD FORTUNE AWAIT! GOOD FORTUNE FOR YOU WHEN YOU BUY! PURCHASE DB FOR EPIC!)" I'm so sad I ever put up with their stupid chinese **** in the first place and now I know never to do it again and I advise everyone else on this forum who have quit/retired their characters to NEVER log in again to the game or even this forum and then somehow block it on your computer in case you are tempted by the chinese black magic that is... TQ.

OK, I'm done.
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