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back again
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quit playing when i went to the army... havent played for what? 2 years?

just came back to check out the game...
wtf is up with ninja's poison fog? -.-
and wtf is up with the gear scores?
it used to be ever people who didnt buy dbs were able to kill people that buy dbs...
full soc melee water with spear and +6,+7 could kill full 2 soc troj no problem... or warrior or fire... but now it seems its almost impossible with the whatever? gear score? so basicly whoever spends a few hundred bucks on this game.... forget it

anyway i was thinking to go to the new server and just play to have somefun..
anyone else coming along?
been back 3 days, currently lvl 97 troj on Water
why is lvlin so easy now? and wtf is ninja? and wtf is up with poison fog?
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