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the biggest mystery of al
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Princes_Lea is an unknown quantity at this point
I'm sort of new... ive been playing conquer for **** long time
but ive never been to active on forum... and switch a lot between different topics.

(dun answer with enjoy your stay or sumting like that, im allready enjoying myself for ages on conquer)
I've been dying since I met you,
every day withouth you I am empty.
I will love you until the end of time,
and hoping that my love will reflect in you,
so that one day, you will love me too.

Until then I will cherish each moment I see you,
each moment hoping that the time will arrive.
And when it does, nothing will keep me away from you.
We will love each other until the end of time,
and I will finally be whole

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sapphire chars:
Princes_Lea water tao lvl 73
Dream-girl archer lvl 93 hunting char atm
Amidala trojan lvl 50 triumph server

Doing me best to lvl them hard
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