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Personally im also tired of seeing all the usual weapons sword blade club etc.. +1 to this thread ^^

I actually have afew suggestions in mind while seeing yours xD

Instead of making these obsolete weapons stronger in the usual way (Aoe or boosted % dmg n rates), we can give each of them a different effect to be Unique on it's own while trying to stay balanced n FUN, Eg;

Earthquake (Axe)
-what u have suggested + additional effects of Slow (decrease in Att n Move Speed)
-Earth Type Dmg

Celestial (Scepter)
-fix boost dmg at 130%
-additional 20% to undead, ghost n etc type of enemy
-Heals teammate around u by 5% of their total Hp (same percentage throughout)
-Holy Type Dmg

Roamer (Whip)
-what u have suggested + Cripple effect (Bounds enemy on the ground, cant move nor jump but still can attack n use skills
-description change to "Unleash a mighty wind that cuts all freedom"
-Thunder Type Dmg

Boom (Hammer)
-what u have suggested + additional burn effects (fixed duration dmg for different skill level)
-Fire Type Dmg

Seizer (Hook)
-total revamp of skill

Magick (Hook) <---- Seizer (Hook)
Description: Feel the power of Magick!
-change the skill range to current Roamer's skill range
-each activation of skill will give u 1 magick point (magick points will decrease by 1 every 20secs
-once 5 magick points are harvested a Random AOE Magic will be activated (dmg is base on skill level and no addtional increment in dmg)
-skill animation change to something like a Red Slash
-fixed boosted dmg at 140%
-fixed activation rate at 30%
-both skill n magick dmg are counted as physical dmg

It's just a sudden flow of my ideas, sorry for intruding ur thread xD
Feel free to improve or change the above ideas (:
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