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Originally Posted by Lucy-Liu View Post
I was in the market on Sat evening. Sunday morning Feb-2-3rd dancing when my archer all of the sudden ended up in Bootjail. (i guess was that). After 5 seconds or so, a very short time later i was disconnected.
When I attempted to log back into the game it said my account was banned


Feb 2nd,You have received free socks/items from XXXXX.
And XXXXXX was related with the frauder YYYY,He received free frauded dragonballs and free money from the frauder YYYY.

Good, another fellow ban-ee to help us fight these a-holes. (I dont mean "Good" as in, "It's good that you were banned" But good as in "Good, someone else that can testify")

It is rather disgusting. That we get punished for something some thief did. My friend's 2 socs were banned along with my char. That's rather infuriating. All i can say is, start spamming and tell her to unban your ****. My friends and I have tried talking to everyone at TQ, and all they say is "YOur account has been banned for the reason of: fraud DBs. Please Email for further info and explain for unban, ok?"

It's getting annoying, theyre like parrots. Or monkeys.. or parrot-monkeys.... -shrug-
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