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Originally Posted by sbrwln View Post
I put a link to this in the Moderator section of the forums. I will try to get someone to take a look into this.

When posting Put your server and what reason you were given for being banned. They (TQ) should have sent an email to the email address for that account. If it is not in your Inbox, then it is probably in your Junk/Bulk Mail Folder.
We only ever got reasons when we actually EMAILED them first. They didn't email us to tell us why first, so we were left wondering what the heck we did for day and a half.
I got a reason from Zhang, Which was: DB Fraud
And that's all they would say. This is bullcrap, how are we supposed to know that a DB was stolen what we buy, or sell IN GAME? We're just playing the game and get penalized for THAT? It's insane, They really better unban my account, this is really unfair.
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