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Originally Posted by Ayamee View Post
As an archer, and someone who walks the path of shadow from time to time, I have to agree.
They're a little overpowered.
But it's not the damage, or the 500% attack bonus of mortal wound that bothers me.
It's the stun, and the fact that one can, pretty well, stack shots.
Getting 8 hits for 1,000 each is fine with me. But give me a chance to respond before you hit me 3 more times with it.

My opinion, is to take the stun away and maybe add a little hair of a second delay between uses.
Can't stack rapid fires or scatters, why should you be able to stack mortal wound?
I'm pretty sure the stun is hardcoded somewhere back in the CO files, cause the stun happens for every class for the same duration, the only difference is that the assasin hit much more often than any other class. But on topic, I very much dislike assasins too but a bit of Immunity or anti-break solves the dmg.
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