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First time in the game

What is all this stuff on my screen mean?

After you log into the game for the first time, you may want to look at the link below for an explanation of what each button and icon represents. Not all of the icons that appear on the screen might be on the link provided however information about them can be found under specific titles below.

What is a Merchant Account?

TQ released this new feature in patch 5022 to allow players to continue the sale of their items which was now limited by the item lock feature (one of three new changes to the game released in the patch). Item lock (explained more under its own title) would prevent more rare items from being sold on normal accounts and by using a Merchant Account players would then be granted the ability to sell these items.

A merchant account is not required however they are handy when you reach the high levels and are able to obtain high quality gear that you do not need or just wish to sell. By using a merchant account you can sell these equipments if they are unlocked and do not have to worry about the restrictions from the Special Items Sales feature (explained under its own title). It is advised though that you start off with a Normal account to take advantage of the Item Lock security features.

Where am I?

At the top left of your screen, to the right of your server name are the map coordinates which are used to represent where you are in given map. For example, [Pyramid] (111,234) the highlighted are your coordinates and can help friends find your location faster.

How do I use spells and skills?

Skills are separated into passive and active. Passive skills are usually weapon skills and are activated automatically. Active skills, on the other hand need to be cast by the player. Most Taoist spells are active skills. To use a spell, select one from your list of skills, then right click to use. Some spells and skills cannot be used if the object you are aiming for is too far away. Mana is required for most Taoist magic spells. Your mana (mp = magic points) is the blue portion in the orb at the bottom left of the screen. Drink a MP potion to refill it so you can use your spells again. In the game of Conquer Online each of the classes has various abilities that can be used in the game. At the very beginning, Taoists are the only class with mana although much later into the game other classes are able to gain mana whether distributing their ability points (see reborn) or thru in game items.

For the non Taoist classes, skills will require either stamina (Yellow bar between health and mana) or a full XP bar. Stamina can be replenished by sitting and lost if hit while sitting. It takes about 20 seconds to refill the stamina bar while sitting and about 1 minute and 5 seconds to restore while standing. The XP bar charges while your character is alive and online. Should your character***8217;s health hits 0, the XP bar resets.

Where do I get promoted?

In twin city, you will see a portal located at (402, 388) in Twin City between the Guild Director and WhsGuardian. Enter that portal to go to the Job Center. Each class will have their own NPC for promotion. You can also learn class specific spells at each of the Job Center NPCs.

- Warrior speaks with WarriorGod at (033, 065)

- Archer speaks with ArcherGod at (033, 053)

- Trojan speaks with TrojanGod at (044, 033)

- Water Taoist speaks with TaoistMoon (056, 033)

- Fire Taoist speaks with TaoistStar (059, 033)

- TaoistStar (060, 033) allows both Taoists to learn beginning skills, such as meditate, thunder and cure (if they were not learnt in Birth Village), fire (for free if you are a fire Taoist, thunder level 4 and level 40 character required). Note: If you are a water, you'll have to buy fire at market's Pharmacist. Again, you'll need to be level 40 and have your thunder fixed.

- MightyTao (066, 033) teaches the reborn summon skills: Summon guard at level 15 (requires 1 euxenite ore) and summon pet at level 40 (requires 1 gold ore).

Where can I buy weapons and armor?

Each city has a Blacksmith (weapon seller) and several other cities have Armorers and Storekeepers, however, Twin City and Desert City are the only places that sell body armors.

As you level up and are able to gain more gold to purchase items, try buying new equipment from the market from other players.
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