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Originally Posted by Bco View Post
Gotcha! so first thread seems legit. Yet doesn't prove he uses anything also i heard about fake videos i'm sure fake photos exist.

Second thread does not make any sense and seems full of hate.

As for the last one, it also seems that he has a valid point and he just edit the skills ( still sketchy )

I've done some researches and CO-AI guide says

I- "if you type it correctly you should see a notice on the top left of the screen like" referring to aimbot commands.
II- "Use the Invisibility skill to lock a player"

The video @MangoMen posted earlier doesn't seem to fit the criteria, now i understand there is a debate or accusation of Khaled to be AI Mod so i excluded him from the equation and i grabbed a photo aside from the Official guide


Should i believe? Official site and guides aside from admins there or someone with no legitimate proof.
Why are u trying so hard to prove Khaled's innocent? Spend ur time into something else when ppl have already proven him as CO-AI mod.. unless ur the man himself.. but, it doesn't require *** rocket science knowledge to know what/how/why Khaled a mod for ****.
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