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Originally posted by FireWalkWithMe
it is really cool that mets can improve the level of weapons

but what about the rest?
It should be changed to:

It can improve the level of most equipment

Most equipment because there are some items that aren't upgradeable (Love Forever Ring), and others that you have to upgrate with DBs (116+ ring, 120+ weapons).

And the words "Amount:1" should be taken out, because a meter is the only item in the game with that in its description, well the only one that I can remember at the moment.

And I found another typo, I was seeing if I could upgrade my elite 120 boots in market and I seen that "Weapon Master" was spelt "WeaponMast". Here is a screen shot, I'm not sure if Its all items that need to be upgraded with a DB or just elite 120 boots though.

BTW Banana, now I've reported 8 ingame typos, and told you the best way to fix the met description. Don't you think that its time you get a patch for these? All that needs to be done for most of what I reported is a simple StrRes.ini edit and then send that out as a patch.

Please start fixing things in this game, even little things like typos and small bugs that people have gotten used to, it'll make Conquer a much more enjoyable game as a whole. There'll be less people complaing and bashing Conquer on the forums, less people quiting, and more new players joining, which is good for the Conquer community and DB sales.

Thanks, aqzman.
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