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Lines 10212 and 10213 of StrRes.ini have a typo.

10212=Dura 50%
10213=Dura 100%

Those are the normal and ref kylin gems. There should be a + in front of both of the numbers so it reads

10212=Dura +50%
10213=Dura +100%

This would only show when the gems are socketed into an item though.


Line 10385 on the StrRes.ini has a typo. It reads 10385=Trojans can carry a weapon in both hands, in stead of the heavy.

Instead is only one word not two, so it should read:

10385=Trojans can carry a weapon in both hands, instead of the heavy


The first letter of all of these should be capitial, so all these:

10417=the server is down!
10418=invalid account id or password!
10419=please re-log in later!

Should be changed to:

10417=The server is down!
10418=Invalid account id or password!
10419=Please re-log in later!

Recorded. ---By banana

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