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Originally Posted by Returning View Post
You ignored most of what I said. Anti builds will always be inferior against someone of equal or higher BP. He said that he's 128 323 bp meaning he's very far against Max or even in the top 50% on any normal server he's hindering himself. There's no dispute, anti is only good for farming servers or support, or as I mentioned those specific classes can do decent with anti. There's literally no argument that's just how it is, and again it's becoming even more so that way. Anti does nothing in cross server because nobility and guild BP are redundant, class PK anti will not work going forward, qualifier the same. And again his BP is no where near where it needs to be for anti to be of much benefit at all.
Thank you all. This is my first time to play on a low level bracket, i.e. level 129 bracket. I am break immunity in my previous server but not actve on pvp events. More of pve since i was a returning player trying to figure out the game. Im on a new server and ranked 6 when it comes to bp in my bracket. What I noticed so far, since Im full sdg and only 3% blessing, a sure win for opponent lower than my bp (regardless of enemy build) and sure loss when facing high bp, where I always get 1hit. All player above my bp are all anti I guess. My max damage on top bp is aroung 12k.

I go on anti since this is what I observed in my previous server which is a year old now. Im planning anti+strike but got ****ed up since I got 99 stat final p.atak on two chi stages.
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