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Originally Posted by Returning View Post
First, what's your BP.

Second, you really shouldn't go anti regardless as an attacker. You give up too much to use it and unless you're 400bp you're really not doing yourself any favors. Your chi should be some variant of imm/HP/pattack/bt/pstrike/+final as a wind Walker up to you to decide how but that's how it should be. The only way you can possibly run anti without screwing yourself is by going imm/HP/anti/pattack but even then if you're going against a King or someone higher BP you won't kill them, and you won't out point them. You could POSSIBLY do this as a range class +final anti HP pattack full torts you might be able to win the point game. Other than that the only way to play that build somewhat well is a point pirate or monk both having triple and Max no mercy can do 66k melees.

Further more: anti doesn't help in skill PK, anti doesnt help in lab, anti won't help in qualifier next patch, anti won't help in class PK next match.

Unless you're strictly pve which I have no idea why you would be in conquer, anti is always going to be a support only build because they don't need attack/by/pstrike to be viable like an attacker does.

To be completely blunt with you, change your build or at least go range or you're going to really feel it this next coming patch more so than you've already been.
Thanks bro. I'll take this into consideration. Btw Im 323 bp level 128. Going range, what's the most efficient number attribute points for agility?
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