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Lightbulb Do like CO make [The Cooking Challenge ] ?

Hello everyone

I wonder if Suggestion good or not but we hope from CO management like this is idea, anyway let's begin.

1- All players can watch challenge.

2- Buy items like, Salt - Sugar - Red Pepper - Soy Sauce..etc

3- Collect items Vegetable by Planting Seeds - Chilly - Potato - Tomato - Garlic - Carrots..etc

4 - Collect eggs from Chickens

5 - Hunting for collect meats like, Hawk and Bull..etc

6 - Buy Hook for Fishing.

7- Vote by - judgement Commission

8 - Get rank - Master Chief...etc

Reward: DBs, Meteors, Stone+ - CPs - Bag Money...etc

This is suggestion and I think CO have more experience for that idea

Best regards.

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