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Originally Posted by *~BeLLaDonna~* View Post
Hello StarLorde =)

If you don't have a Miraculous Gourd and a Mana BS, 20 points in spirit is too low cuz it just gives you 600 mana points.. not enough to use 3 Fire of Hell spells...

Try to buy or hunt for that spell if you don't have it and learn it when you are second reborn (I dunno if you keep it when you second reborn >.<... someone knows, plz?)... Use that spell to level when you are a second reborn fire (if you gonna level manually) and to complete quests like Dis City

For mana, I would suggest to be closer to 2000 points too... if you have a gourd, 40 points in spirit (800 from gourd plus 1200 from attribute points)

1 points in spirit = 30 mana points
1 points in spirit = 25 mana points (not 30)

Until you are 2nd 130 put a lot more in spirit to help you lvl maybe 3000, that way you will not waste so many pots, you can re do your points using a DB after you have finished lvling

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