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Originally Posted by robyxx
Seriously now, i think the effect should be changed with the dragon on the login screen. Like you get a db drop, bang! A dragon flies on your screen. Pretty hard to miss such a beautiful graphic, right?
An effect that can be added is that of the supergears on a warrior, that a dragon fly out of the character. As long as I remember there's a year that I didn't see players using those super effects.

Originally Posted by ace68
but what about the people like me who turn the sound off? And when was the last time that a db did drop =_= last time i heard of was in 2008.. Should make it in big bright colored letters accross your screen. "hey you killed some **** that droped a db fool go find it!" idk just a segestion.
Other thing that can be done, is about the collor of the db. It's close to the meteor, what makes they look like, and sometimes being ignored.

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