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Auto-hunt rage not hitting - character not getting close enough

Recently a patch went out, maybe the same one that made all LXX monsters (SandmonsterL68, rockmonsterL78, BladeghostL83, etc) move superfast, this patch made it so that characters on auto-hunt will not get close enough to monsters before starting to attack.

This affects characters using clubs mostly from what I've seen. The character will be attacking a monster and rage will be going off repeatedly bot won't hit the monster (because it appears to be too far away). But the character is usually able to still hit with a normal melee hit.

On occasion, with my ninja, I will be autoing in sandmonsters and he will get stuck on a sandmonsterL68. He ends up "fighting" the sandmonster but never hits, I've let it go on for 10 minutes before I have taken him off auto and moved him close enough to actually kill it. The sandmonster can hit him, and if he has stamina he can hit the sandmonster with two fold blade, but that's it. He can not hit with his normal melee attack.

This problem is also not exclusive to auto, that is simply where I encounter it the most. If playing manually and you click on a monster from far away and let your char run up to attack it, you character can end up in the same situations as described above.
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