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Then I suggest you take a look at your security. I have items that people beg me for, offering nearly everything they have for my gear and weapons. I left for 3 years and came back barely a week ago. Not a single one of my accounts was even breathed on by anyone else. I am sorry you got hacked, but if you have been hacked that often then you might want to try something new when it comes to your account security.

P.S.: I wasnt ragging on your "husband" about his spending, merely that I cant feel for someone who pays for a free game. I play WoW as well on Killrogg, Thrall and Bleeding Hollow and I did read his sig. I was merely making a point that 2 grand will get ya over 11 years of WoW vs. spending it in 2 or 3 days in a game where your getting hacked. So if you or your "husband" took offense, then I apologize. I did not intend it as such.
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