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Can't accept any ape city quest! And wtf, non upgradable equipments!?***128545;

I don't mean to rant on, but... Ever since I first played this game in 07, I fell in love. It was a game that you could play for free (Still can), have an amazing time and just get lost in it. Kind of like an escape from reality, a paradise where you can basically be anybody you want. I recently started playing again on the pc and forgot how AWESOME of a game it is! So awesome I ended up buying cp with my own money lol Then when I Think things can't get any better, ya'll come out with an iPad version :O Simply blew my mind, genius! I downloaded and played it, AMAZING! I can truly say it's the best online free game I have ever played. Totally dedicated to playing it on my iPad since it's portable and I can play just about anywhere since I don't have a laptop. Now here I am, leveling up my archer and I notice that I cannot accept any ape city quest. I've tried deleting the app and restarting my iPad but nothing. I remain disappointed that this bug hasn't been fixed... Also, I can understand where ya'll are coming from with the un tradable item addition. BUT NON UPGRADABLE EQUIPMENT!?!? Isn't it hard enough to find a super item by hunting?? Then even if you get a super item, you need a certain amount of meteors to upgrade (Which are not easy to come by when you have every quest finished and rely on hunting to get them), which for a super item is usually a greater amount of meteors, but I'm sure ya'll knew that. NOBODY wants to equip super equipment and then realize a few levels later a unique item is more powerful. It's extremly demoralizing going from super to unique or even refined just because you put the time in to leveling you character. I've NEVER EVER met anybody who is fine with staying at level 50 with all supers... You know why? If there was a person who was, hmmmm maybe 20-30 levels ahead of you and had all unique or refined equipped, they would probably own the lvl 50 with supers. If it's all about making money or having players put in more time into the game, then wouldn't you want them hunting for meteors or buying cps to get meteors? I am EXTREMELY dissapointed that this was brought into the iPad version, so dissapointed that that it makes me not want to play conquer on my iPad, EVER... I would really really hate to see other players go through the same thing I am going through but unfortunately the pc version is pretty much flawless so I'll probably start playing that again. It's just a bummer to see The AMAZINGLY potential this game has and to know it's heading in the opposite direction....
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