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Originally Posted by thehempknight View Post
We were kickin around some ideas about having things tied in with guild donations. Like, maybe you can use the regular fund to purchase some basic furniture or functions of the house, and guild CPs for special unlocks or items for it. Flowers could give you a garden area and such... Maybe PKing could unlock some kind of little guild arena or something. That would actually be kinda cool. Hmmm....
It would definately be nice if there was some rewarding purpose in having a nice guild house. not just all aesthetics. the pk arena would be one of those rewarding purposes... but not something like
-Guy #1: "Oh dude.. nice lamp"
-Guy #2: "Yeah man.. it was like.. 500 guild cps. No big deal cause it makes us look sophisticated-ly l33t!"

Every penny we spend on our guild house should have a sufficient enough benefit.
Also, itd be nice to visit ally guild houses, just how you can visit your spouse.
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