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Originally Posted by BADMAN-2.0 View Post
Don't tell me your quiting cus I made fun of you on vent about your mom being white and that all white girls are freaky and that since she is white she most likely likes anal and that she probably gives splendid bjs cus shed be so into cus shes a freaky white chic and then about mantra saying his cousins mom was kinda milfy and he was sure she was a freak and then you got all quiet and i said ummmm imagine next time you talk to ur mom ur gonna be thinkin bout how much of a lil **** she is and what kinda freaky things she does and youll either be a. laughing ur ass off or b. quietly go to ur room feeling disgusted cus i made you think of ur mom in that way yea dont quit cus of that ok
I always knew you were ***
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