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"Bound Pack Bug"

Originally Posted by CindyZ View Post
Attention Players,

We are happy to announce this brand new bug report system to all of you! With a more simplified procedure, it will greatly enhance the effectiveness of the whole bug fixing process, and it's more convenient for you to report and check current bugs. You can access the New Bug Report Page here: This forum bug report section will be closed within a month, around Nov. 11th. Yeah I do feel a little sad about this. But you guys can find us at the new bug report center~
For more details about this new system, please read:

We sincerely appreciate your long term support to the game and all of you contributions of this forum! Thank you very much!

Hi, as you said, this is for bugs, i don't know if this happened to someone already, but i lost my "bound pack" when hitted level 50, i don't know why ... i thought it would appear when i get to 55, but it didn't :/
I would like, at least, get one lvl 70 or one from 55, coz i need one :/ it is unfair seeing the others with better gear and me with sh*** stuff :/

Sorry for my bad english, and hope you can help me

Best regards,
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