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Ridiculous anxt to get this game to run.

I am truly AMAZED at the lengths you crack addicts will go to just to play this crappy game! I have approx. 23 other games on my system at present, which is running Windows 7 64-Bit, and have ZERO PROBLEMS with any of them. Some of those titles include older games like the original Unreal Tournament, Quake, and even a version of Wolfenstein 3d. None of them required me to "uninstall and reinstall Windows 7..."
Here's the problem: You all find your own ways around TQ's incredible ineptitude. In doing so, TQ is never really required to FIX anything! So they just keep compiling crappy game code. And because of your pathetic addiction to this candy-ass game, you uninstall your O.S. in spite of the fact that all your other programs work? That is sad.
If you want to force TQ to listen to US, you must give up your addiction for a couple of months. Find another game to play for a couple months. Don't log in. Don't buy CP's, etc. Let the MONEY speak to those at TQ who are either too DEAF or too STUPID to listen.

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-Wingnut: Nature/Snowfall
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