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My max is 176k ping. dont have a screeny tho, but all i need to say is that
I live in China
Trojan 130 - Warrior 132 - Water xxx
Super 2xsdg +6 -5 Earrings
Super 2xsdg +6 -5 Necklace
Super 2xsdg +6 -5 Ring
Super 2xsdg +8 -5 Sword
Super 2xsdg +8 -5 Armor
Super 2xsdg +8 -5 Shield
Super 2xsdg +6 -5 Boots
Super 1xstg +6 Fan
Super 2xsgg +6 -1 Tower

279 Battle Power

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And it doesn't cost them anything to sell digital items.
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Finaly Thankz TQ ... and stay there!
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