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Originally Posted by OutZydaz View Post
its still not 100 pct confirmed, and the main cause is patch 5127!!!
this website shows u how to remove it from XP and from Vista

it also tells u what it is for!
and i would like 2 add it confirms what i thought was causing the freezes in the 1st place.

ur developers or should i say "developers", only copied and pasted the programming of the new patch ( maybe even just the patch ) from chinese CO.

they should start by removing all and i mean ALL the chinese input in the programming!!!

this will also explain why many have problems with their keyboard settings!
actually it wouldnt surprise me if it would clear up all the bugs found since patch 5127
and nobody talking about the Trojan.Generic found when installing the client?if this is the spy of TQ..why they didnt pack it better?because my antivirus doesnt let me finishing install unless i ignore(skip)the "infected" files."programmers" payed to do what?to freeze me and to crash client...and if they use spy for bot...why so many botters in all servers?good "developers"...just lets do their jobs and record the "botters" ...who needs to play anyway?get urself the gamecam to help TQ...they are so helpless...poor TQ
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