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So I was a relatives house for dinner and my nephew was playing a game on their phone. Turns out it was CO.. brought back a lot of memories. I decided to download it again just for kicks.

My jaw dropped. This is not the same game I once played for several years. It was bound to happen, but some things should never be changed. I was reading posts on here about a classic CO but that doesn't seem like it would be back when I started playing in '04. I had to quit after 15 minutes of walking around. I didn't even need to do anything.. click a button and it does it for you. Oh well. My Co days are long over. My last log in date prior to today was almost 10 years ago.

I originally joined when Lion server back in 2004 until I moved to Triumph the day it went up which is where I found my new home. I was an avid player in my late teens and was hooked on the game, the kind of guy who was trying to log on every 5 minutes after server maintenance.
Shortly after it was updated I found myself no longer appreciating the game with the changes and drifted away. It had its pros and cons. Pro - Turns out a few players on my server lived in a 15 min. radius and we all got together and hung out every now and then. Facebook was brand new at the time so we had all added each other and kept in contact over the years until it faded away. I still see their updates every now and then. One became an engineer and one a Dr. We were all playing for the same reason... we had college and university and this was a great way to save money by not going out and drinking every night. Con - It robbed me of a night life for a while.

I'll always wonder where some of the player I once knew ended up in life. They've all got to be in their early - mid 30's. I even know two players who ended up meeting and eventually got married to each other.
For myself, I'm now in my 30's, have a great active life, own my own place, and have an amazing job employed by the Gov. of Canada. Although I don't see myself playing CO ever again I thought it would be nice to pop on here and say hi and tell my story.

This game will always be in the back of my mind for the memories I've had. The pk'ing, the guild wars, the chats, and the wheeling and dealing of items to get a character that was a trojan machine with some impressive fastblade talent. Oooohhhhh the memories.

Well, that's all folks, it's been a pleasure!
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