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Hi everyone. I am having problems with CU on Win 7 (x64), but not related to crashes or something, only to performance and display.
I am playing it on a laptop, with a 1366x768 maximum res. Also, I'm always playing in a window, not full screen. In Win 7, the game opens fine, but I can play it only on 800x600 to see everything. If I use the default res, I can't see the lower part of the gui, because of the Windows taskbar. In XP this is not the case, the game window resizes fine. Can I do something about this?
And about the fps issue, well, I guess this will be fixed in the near future. So far I've disabled the desktop composition, but I will try the other suggestions, maybe it will get better.
If you don't understand the problem above (it's a little hard to explain exactly how it looks), I'll try to do a screenshot and edit the post later.

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