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Conquer in the past, maybe for me it was one of the best MMORPGS i have ever played. No overpowered classes, no bulkers, also making your gear could take a period., instead overpowered junk thathit you in 1 hit.
We need the old good PK system. If someone kills you, your gold dropped, remember? or even the gears lol.
Unfortunatelly it is not same game, but just a big business junk, besides if you do not spend at least 1000 $, you will be bound junkie.
Oh, and the time when Conquer passed into "come play bokar", e.t.c Poker Online.
And dam leveling maps. i remembered when i leveled up my archer from 120 to 127. Took a lot of time and effort for freaking 7 levels. That was Conquer Online, or the expansion New Dynasty, best till now IMO
Conquer was fun up until they made the training- quick leveling and bound SUPER items. I really liked the original Conquer Online.*

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