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Thumbs up Guide for trainer quests (from promotion Gods)

Made in 2008, may be changes SEE NEW

Enjoy. In memory of my forum friend, Oggler
ok, not great, may have errors, use with site

site description of quests:
NEW TQ added VIDEO in their guides below

[Refined] Defense of Twin City | [Refined] The Helmet | [Refined] The Connector[Unique] Spun Gold Armor | [Unique] Azure Pill | [Unique] Artisan's Feather |
[Unique] Mystic Ring | [Elite] Frantic Monkeys | [Elite] Soul of General
[Elite] The Mad Man |[Elite] The Ghost City

Anastasia's well done description of just npc locarion
Silent()Bob's list of items in beginner's and bonus packs

Defense of Twin City, trainer > Sui 462, 391 ***8212;bottom right corner on wall of city > arsenal Guard 398 294 , across first bridge in TC then to left all the way > trainer

The HelmetIronsmith Chou --Twin City, 351 358 -is a ghost to left of guild conductor and Boxer > kill 5 poltergiest 5 apparitions or 5 heavy ghosts any combination***8230; take five fragments back to Chou > rock monsters are in poltergriests now, kill monolith (rock monster), get blood > Chou again >.trainer

The Connector trainer. > Thief Wong (Twin City, 474 332 -White garment-near pharmacist .> take conductress to phoenix castle map near portal is Thief Chen (Phoenix Castle, 33 398 / 39 373 / 62 345 / 47 369 clik and then kill 5 bandits , talk to Theif Chen again = letter > thief Wong again in tc > trainer

Spun Gold Armor trainer> chat Veteran Hong (Phoenix Castle, 194 260) ***8212;near where u arrive if you scroll there,, white garment > kill bandits, get invitation. > chat veteran Hong again > Zhao Jian (Phoenix Castle, 200 325)-just outside left gate, become disguised, run straight left to a.. 4 alters. Click the pot you got from Hong, in items Big giant appears- kill him> Hong - wooden box is in items, clik it- chat Hong > Trainer.

Note: If you cant get to alters fast enough
Redo-starting at Hong or Jian, where indicated

Azure Pill trainer > Scholar Wu (Phoenix Castle, 214 231)-- on top of warehouse, > pharmacist Mu Mu 182 241 ***8212;just up from normal pharmacist > kill ratlings 1 rat eye, 3 rat meat rats are below bandits ( a couple hung dred for me) items auto appear in items >Bian Qing, near pharmacist (Twin City, 471 330) get 2 herb > pharmacist Mu Mu in PC > Scholar Wu pc > trainer

Artisan's Feather trainer > Apprentice Luo (Twin City, 447 331) cartoon character next to blacksmith > Artisan Luo (Twin City, 603 672) ***8211;at bridge at robins > kill any -- pheasants robins or doves > Artisan Luo (Twin City, 603 672) . bridge > south of Ape City 713, 678 middle lower area of map kill vultures , get a vulture feather > Artisan Luo (Twin City, 603 672) bridge> trainer

Mystic Ring trainer > Minstrel (Phoenix Castle, 184 282) to left of portal in pc > Dealer Shen (Phoenix Castle, 779 477) left side of village straight down from pc > tc ***8211;buy 12 stancher 12 agrypnotics > Dealer Shen > kill 20 ratlings >Dealer Shen > have 2 pc scrolls and go to Shen Junior (Maple Forest 924,556),> back to Dealer Shen in forest ( you get ring)>then to pc, chat minstrel,right clik ring from Junior- become mouse, after normal***8212;clik minstrel > trainer

Frantic Monkeys trainer > Officer Bao ***8211; left wall inside Ape city, main floor 553, > kill maqaues- 50 or so? Until you get a decayed monkey heart auto shows up in items >Officer Bao > chat RoyalDoctor Li 424, 343 ***8211; around corner of building from Artisan Wind >do ther lil mini killing . chat Doc Li again, get potion> kill venomous snakes, near bridge below giant apes by becoming wild ape from potion , leader shows up***8212;kill Leader***8212;pick up sword ape city map 795 471 > Officer Bao > trainer ,

Soul of General trainer > General Amber (Ape City, 879 562) bottom right of AC map > General Zhao (T, C, , 390 347) between warehouse and Boxer > General Amber > kill 1 Snake Man, 10 Rock Monsters near pc mine and 10 Giant Apes ( I killed 1000s of apes) > General Amber> Painter Feng Kang (Ape City, 556 571) > General Amber > General Zhai TC > Guard Li***8212;right next to him > General Amber, you turn himinto jade monster-- kill him, get paper > General Zhao TC > trainer

The Mad Man trainer > Du San (Ape City, 552 601 inside AC left wall > Pharmacist Dong (Twin City, 386 377) up from portal of promotion building ( in alley)> General Judd (Twin City, 396 233)***8212;next to Lab npc***8212;across 2 bridges in city then left > kill snakeman west of Ape city --normal snakemen***8212;all the way across the 3 bridges. A fang shows upp in items > pharmacist Dong in TC , in items mix blue and green in that order and go to kun, KUN IS TIMED clik the stones to get colors. red on arriving, up to green on left, up farther blue is a little on space rock- left, up farther to Indigo in air--indigo 306 362 Indigo is out in space to left then back down past blue, green, red. down is orange then left and up to yellow== then jump in portal***8212;it takes you to top
go just a little down ***8211; last stone- purple is on right in air
you have 7 ***8211; clik one as soon as u get all 7> it becomes rainbow pot> clik Du San > trainer

do colors any way u want

Ghost City The Ghost City Changed. See Link. It is 1 day now. Mostly just the red Is a two day quest. Times are Pacific coast time I think. edit of edit--i got is still a 2 day quest.
EDIT: Maybe no longer 2 day-( ty Stonerpyro)- from link:
1. Accept the quest from your trainer in Job Center and get a Training Badge.
2. Talk to Aunt Zhang and discover that her son Mo Mo is lost. She tells you that Jerk Wang is the last one who saw Mo Mo 3. Jerk Wang gives you one Magic Firework and asks you to set them off between 20:00-21:00 in these three spots: (397,315), (426,305) and (485,404) in that order. But you find nothing by doing this.
4. Return to Jerk Wang, you are told to find Taoist Shine. He said you should take the Charm to one of the 3 spots, right click to use it and enter the Ghost City between 20:00-21:00.
trainer > Aunt Zhang (Twin City, 361 459) ***8211; outside main gate= up to river alongside river a little left > Jerk Wang (Twin City, 473 310) up on wall corner near pharmacist > at 20 00- 21 00 fireworks IN ORDER at (397,315) ***8211; right bottom corner of BIG grass square up from warehouse, (426,305) = middle of first bridge and (485,404) far south east corner on wall > Return to Jerk Wang, > Taoist Shine ( main GRASS square, left side) > take the Charm to one of the 3 spots ( I had to try all 3), right click to use it and enter the Ghost City between 20:00-21:00.

you are in city similar to tc
go city center- you pass Mo Mo, he is up a lttle on side street, chat Mo Mo, he is a cartoon character, then continue to city center, Clik the 4 blue stone alters in middle of main square > teleport back to Tc, > Taosit Shine--

next day 17 00 - 18 00, clik powder where Mo Mo was last seen = > Dark City

In Dark City, you need to kill 100 Kid Catchers and Kid Ripper> Kill Kid Hunter >. Kill Kid Seizer > you will obtain a Bezoar.> Before you give the Bezoar to Mo Mo, you can use it on other children. Each child can be fed only once and you will obtain experience worth 1/6 of an Exp Ball > to Mo Mo > he disappears for 10 minures > Go back to Aunt Zhang > trainer

about this Dark City, I needed hp pots, I had 350 defense-physical... you kill a lot then kill big monster at altar and pick up Bezoar, you can go click children and get 1/6 exp. I could only find 4. they disappear, move. Mo mo disapeared and I had to run around city for 10-15 minutes, Finally Mo Mo re- appeared and I left. 2ND TIME-- 2 HOURS-- SCROLLED AND RESTARTED QUEST I used several thousand arrows and 10 hp pots, looks like you can die there. i GOT ATTACKED--IT IS PK MAP

Corrections appreciated, ty Torax

this quest has been changed, sorry if guide makes less sense.

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