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Originally Posted by Decapitator View Post
ur entire question either says u are a retard, hence why u expected an exact value of difference in hp.. knowing how attribute points work . or well u were ignorant. so which is it ?
Assuming you reincarnate the same character with the same Chi/Jiang and all the gears are max +12 I could get a finite answer which is what I wanted.

This game used to have an error in which the way Monks took magical damage. There was no way to know this without testing it. I was asking someone to test it for me.

Testing something and knowing what the results should be is what you do in science. My hypothesis was that with Chi/Jiang eliminated as a variable as well as all other gear that grant HP bonuses, the difference between using a Trojan with 36 Agility would have 900 more HP than the same character as a Pirate with a +12 Pistol.

Everything in this game can be broken down into EXACT numbers.
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