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Originally Posted by awakening View Post
It's embarrassing for tq's designing team. maggot.
Excuses excuses, I see a whole lot of that and not a lot of manning up

Originally Posted by ghfdhhdf View Post
Yes, of course, but it's not really surprising that people are ignorant about a skill that literally no one uses.
Not true, Taos used to use it against Archers to avoid Bow damage
Originally Posted by Decapitator View Post
Tros have been out for legit forever ... yet u still didnt know how attribute points on a tro work ..
No I just didn't have the gears to test total HP difference. I never asked a question about how it worked. I asked

Originally Posted by Chrønick View Post
So assuming the following

Pirate has Pistol and Agility Build
Trojan 36 Agility

Is the difference in HP only 900?

Pirate gains 2.6k from pistol
Trojan gains 3.5 from extra attribute points and built in extra HP per attribute?
Where does it look like I don't understand the attribute points?
Originally Posted by RoCk~On View Post
As long as you don't pull her panties off and find 2 dragonballs.
Originally Posted by chomps View Post
Uh, I still have my anal virginity *cough*
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