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Activate XP Skill on 2h Ninja

I suggest for any Ninja using 2-handed weapons to be able to use FatalStrike. Without FatalStrike I can't utilize my ExpPotions better.
I like 2-handed Ninja better, They are good for Leveling. And in PvP i get 2 skill, DragonTail for high-end players and Charging Vortex for jumping-rabbit assassins.

Not all Ninja wants to use Katana -PvP reason, they suck with bad ping.
Ninja Scythe doesn't look cool when used -makes you look like an old hag.
Katana-Club Ninja has low hp -PvP Reason, they are rendered stupid in pvp.
Club-Blade/Club-Sword Ninja -Good for PvE, Needs skills for PvP.

Now, Did I miss something else? Feel free to write it down.

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