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Gotta agree with ya Pens but I see good and bad in your idea...

The bad:

People are still going to get scammed. People can't figure out the trading system as is, if we add extra buttons to the trade system when people can't tell the difference between Silver and Cps and Ok and Cancel, there will be issues. But I do agree that good people are taken advantage of all the time by scammers. There is one guy who has scammed people with atleast three different names that I'm aware of and it seems every time he is called out he just creates a new account and does the same this point I think his ip address should just be blocked because he refuses to stop, if Colin or Elliot would like to know more on this please let me know.

Now for the good in your idea:

There is no doubt the CO economy is down and dying. The people who spent a large amount of money early on and are still looking to spend can't sell the equipment they have now and move on. If there was a rental system where they could rent this gear out for a week at 1k cps it would encourage people to actually buy cps to rent it. I mean if I could get ahold of a +12 fan or tower right before gw for 1k cp I sure as heck would buy some cps for that but I can't afford the 20-30k or more that it would take to make a decent tower or fan. It's a win win situation for TQ and for the equipment owner.
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