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hmm where to start...

I remember when at ape city there were guild wars there, and you had half a server crammed into one city.

I remember when guards were beatable, and when a high level took a guard out you knew they were powerful.

When someone would scatter in Twin city

Watching a red name run for their life as no where was safe, and there were guards in markets too.

When going to phoenix castle cave meant going to get plvled, and watching 120+ characters fight for a spawn.

Starting a new character and pking in the character creation zone, and making friends in there as well.

When most people spoke English, and those who didn't were singled out and killed.

When you could decrease the dura of a botter's gear and it would vanish.

When a friends list was important

When you married someone you did it for the right reasons.

When a guild was powerful by how the members fought, and guild war was insanely fun.

How characters were balanced:

Tao beat Warrior
Warrior beat Archer
Trojan beat Warrior
Archer beat Tao

But Trojan still had a good chance of beating everyone

When the screen was comfortable to look at, not gloomy and covered with crap.

when finding a unique item was a decent find

when levelling to 100 you had a chance of at least finding 3 dbs.

when being lvl 100 felt so good because now you stand a chance with fighting.

when Jail was fun to hang at, and after a GW there was always a jail jam packed. and that was possibly more fun than the GW itself.

When seeing a player with +5 was insane, and you would go to bed at night planning your way to getting there.

When an update was to fix something, not to add new crap. And when an update came out it was always interesting.

The old website Layout was awesome, and the old forums rocked.

When forums were jam packed with people because of how awesome the servers were.

When there were few servers, and they were packed, but it wasn't that laggy.

When training grounds use to start from the bottom right and you had to run up to get to ur posts, and it was small.

When markets only had 2 rows, and people would wait for ages just to get a spot.

when there was only 4 classes, and the only poison was from poison blade or poison arrow.

when divine hare, cyclone and fly was the only quick way to get out of the 7 maps from met zone.

When met zone was the go.

When Reborn was the only thing you could do, and a guard was actually powerful, almost feared by all classes, so gold guard was scary.

When Reborn quest was in a place that u could get pked. and ur friends would have to sit over u so u don't lose anything.

how taos could zap in mid air

how leveling was hard, and worked for, not easily obtained

When at lvl 100 you were respected because u had reached a decent level.

The epic spawn in bird island was at the hawkings.

How GMs came to the game, and u could friend them, talk to them and even make fun of them. It was as if the game makers actually wanted to get to know us.

When someone bulked, they were hated, and could be killed.

When we were listened to (can't remember when the game creators stopped listening)

When you found a Super gem from mining your heart would start racing abnormally fast, and the only thing on your mind was getting to tc, not dying, getting to markets and putting it in the warehouse

When market characters could be killed in TC, and people would pick up the loot.

When having a house meant you worked really hard for it, and you could invite heaps of people over.

I could go on and on, but I think you get the idea. I miss the old game . and when I was told about it coming back, I fell in love, only to be hurt again. And some may think that is really lame, or I'm pathetic for feeling that way, but a game so enjoyable being turned into something so greedy just ruined it. Bring back the pay to play, and make it co1. I dont mind paying a monthly fee to enjoy the hard worked feeling of real achievement.
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