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Originally Posted by LightOfAngel View Post
ppls can dream everything

and u just said on first post that no one have ur pass? and now u say ur cousin have?

and u never botted why u have to pay 4 DBs now? when ure first jailed then it is 2 DBs

Im sorry but u've failed and got TQed

My cousin had my acces before christmas, before december ok, since christmas no one have acces.
idk if you can read...
please do me a favor, please suck my ****.

and dont tel me to dream, you dont know who you got behind you.

i'm going do:estate, & after 7 years,8 years i will buy hole conquer company ok.

and i wil pay your money back and kick you out this game k?

just do me a favor and get out my page, i'm a loyal player i dont bot, first botjail ''long history''

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