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Originally Posted by LightOfAngel View Post
this is so ridiculous...
1. ure saying that no one knows ur password?
question #1. why there was a person who said that he's not the owner on ur acc? (saying he were ur friend after that i saw u d/c'ed and u went after me when u logged in)
2. ure saying u dont bot?
question #2. why were u teleing ALOT in the GW jail when i was on my fire zapping u all the time? u just bam u were near me... bam second time near me...

and when i said u were auto TFB + speed (u were ninja that time) u laughed at me and said so what? and after that u didnt try to kill me anymore...
question #3. why didnt u went after me after saying u auto tfb + speed?

i hope u know who am i

my cousin play co to:SerVies~ yes?

life 5km near me k?

''had acces of my char k time ago?''

''i had acces of his chars k?''

''cousin = family k?''

''i got none programs,hacks,bots,tools on my freacking computer so how can i bot or hack.''

and also that day 11 jan 2011. ''i killed ALLOT,ALLOT,ALLOT enemys''

enemy side killed me like 3x when i was red name ''i did not droped anything''

but i killed allot of enemys.

and thats why i got jailed i think.

i killed to much enemys.

and LookBehindYou, is a dirty dirty guy, i think he know some good gms that helped him,his side to ban me.
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